Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September is a Riot

September is probably the most explosive month that I will have this year. I am busy juggling the many things that I need to do that all lead up to a culmination of fun, fun, and more fun! The only thing about all of this, is I will be putting a huge dent in my bank account at the expense of fun, but you only live once so que sera sera!

I have two weddings that I'm preparing for, and I'm really excited. My one pet peeve about weddings (well, I really have three) is I never quite understood the concept of asking someone to join in your nuptials but then slapping that person with the bill for whatever he/she needs for the wedding. Invites are exactly that....an invite. If I invite you to be in my wedding, I'm footing the bill for you. All you need to do is show up and bring your dancing shoes! Another thing that I absolutely think is ridiculous is choosing the same dress for each of the bridesmaids. Ok, that works if all of your bridesmaids are a size 6, but in this day, everyone has friends of all shapes and sizes and not all dress types will compliment everyone's figure. The color scheme can be the same, but what bridesmaid wants to walk down the aisle fearing that her strapless dress may fall down because the boobage just isn't there to hold it up?

In the spirit of weddings, isn't this a lovely dress?
It's from the Alfred Sung Signature line, and the line that I plan to use for my wedding, but I doubt that this is the dress that I will choose.

Thrown in between the weddings is a much needed trip to sunny Florida! My sister is throwing her daughter a 'sweet 13' rockstar bash, and I promised that I'd come. In doing that, I can kill two birds with one stone by taking the kids to Disney and Sea World! I love Sea World, so I think that this trip will be exciting and dreadful at the same time. I'm a little anxious about driving there with a two-year old whose now 'potty trained' as I think we will have to make many stops to use the port-a-potty. Hopefully, there will be no episodes of explosive diarrhea because I don't know that I will be able to deal with that! Oh, and since I know that my niece doesn't read my blog, I got her a cute little pink DKNY watch that I'm sure she's going to love! Every mini-fashionista should have one!

After this trip, I have a special trip planned for only me that allows me to get some much needed R & R. I'll be traveling alone, and I'm sure fun times are to be had! I have my camera ready, and of course I'm go
ing to act like a tourist! I'm apologizing in advance for any embarrassment that I may cause!

Who Has Time to Read?

Thanks in part to my Sony eReader, I've gotten back to one of my favorite past times, and no, it's not shopping. I'm constantly plagued by that huge misconception. Why does a girl have to be a shop-a-holic simply because she has a preference to be coiffed and neat?!?! Those that know me well definitely know of the frugality that I've adopted when it comes to shopping, so I am a bargain hunter at her finest! I slowly see this post morphing into my uncontested love of shopping and all of its online bliss, so I must get back to books. Books, books, and more books!

The last book that I read was An Inconvenient Woman by Dominick Dunne, and I must say that it left me intrigued although I absolutely abhorred the way that it ended. Sometimes, you somehow want the faux-villain in the story to come out the victor, but for poor Flo, that just wasn't the case. All Pauline had to do was give her the money that Jules promised Flo, and Flo would have probably lived. I read many reviews of the book, and it's difficult to understand how anyone can see this as not being superbly written. It was fast paced, shocking, and simultaneously fulfilling throughout the entire book. The descriptions in the book left such vivid imagery embedded in my mind that I could even picture myself walking around in the fancy Chanel suits and purchasing $40,000 drapes. Not really. Even if I had Bill Gates' and Warren Buffet's check books, I'd never spend $40,000 on drapes. There are people starving to death, but I guess some people like the grandeur of it all.

Right now, I have three books in rotation, so hopefully, I'll be able to get them read within the coming week or so. Here they are:

1. A Gate at the Stairs
2. Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome
3. Pride and Prejudice

Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This last month has been extremely busy for me as I have this 'plan' in motion that is turning out pretty well thus far. I have yet to say what my 'plan' is, but I'm truly thankful for those who have allowed me to see the light! It's actually pretty refreshing and allowing me to get back to what I do best.....??? What's that? That's another thing that will make you go hmmm.... Hopefully, my good news will continue until I reach my apex, and then I'll be able to turn that cartwheel that I always brag about being able to do. I sometimes wonder if I can still do that without managing to break a leg or sprain a hamstring? You'll know soon enough!!