Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Current Inspirations

There are two people right now in my life that have no idea how much they have inspired me to do something that I should have done a long time ago. They are both extremely successful on opposite ends of the business spectrum which lets me know that success has no confines. I think that I made excuses and didn't really search all avenues and exhaust all resources. Being around them has taught me that you can't plan everything as I try to do. You have to adopt spontaneity, an optimistic attitude, and just throw yourselves to the wolves. Perseverance is what gets you there. I have that. I'm ready....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Week?

I'm slowly starting to think that maybe I'm going to have a birthday week instead of just one day. My dear hubby sent flowers to me today, so I can't wait to see what tomorrow's treasures are. I hope that when I get home, I'll have that shiny, new dishwasher! To be continued.........

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

Tomorrow, I'll be errr....umm...young, and I thought I'd post a few items that I would love to have for that special day! I can't wait to actually see what I'll get! While I do love gifts, I'm especially thankful to be blessed to see another day. Having my life, health, strength, and family is really enough for me. Kenya asked me, 'Mom, can you give me some money so that I can buy you something for your birthday?' I did abruptly laugh to myself, but I told her in a famous quote from the movie Boyz n the Hood..."I'm living. That's enough for me." I really did mean that.

I think that my tastes have been greatly toned down now that we are in a recession, but a girl can have a wish list can't she??

1. Charles David Leisure

Totally affordable at $230! This is the perfect nude shoe for the office!

2. Marc Jacobs Bruna Classic Quilted handbag This is a stretch at $1295, but I just love this bag!

3. Frigidaire Stainless Steel Dishwasher

It's unbelievable that a handbag costs more than a dishwasher!! This one is a bargain at $549.
Maybe if it was a Bosch branded appliance.

4. Suzi Chin Maggy Dress If I don't get this, I'm just going to give up on getting anything because it's only $98!!!

5. 2010 Range Rover Sport My guy magnet (if I wasn't accounted for a needed to get guys that is)!! Sticker price: Priceless

Blueberries! Yumma! The Bestest!

I'm always searching for healthy bargains and chanced upon some blueberries in Wal-mart. I couldn't think of anything to do with them until I suddenly had the bright idea to make blueberry pancakes. We love the 'Shake n Pour' kind, so why not make my own?!?! Here goes a quick shot at my foray into becoming a culinary inspiration (yeah right):

The blueberries were a little big, so I couldn't imagine cooking pancakes with them being in little round circles. I cut them in half. Are there knives made especially for cutting fruit? If there are, I'm sure I don't own one.

Blueberries are cut and mixed with the batter. Ahhh, just look at the precision of the circle!

Of course I had to let them pick the shape that they wanted, and hearts were the shape of choice. Erin didn't have much of a choice, so Kenya decided for her!

Voila! The finished breakfast! Don't you just love paper plates?? It beats the heck out of washing dishes especially since I'm waiting on that shiny new stainless steel dishwasher that I've been eyeing! Hint, birthday is tomorrow, so......

In the spirit of blueberries, take a look at this video! After the initial shock and sympathetic gesture, it's hilariously funny! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

But I'm Back

Gosh, I had every intention of ensuring that I update my blog regularly, but somehow I've ended up with unfinished draft posts that somehow are not published. Where does time go? Interestingly enough, Brian White, the actor, tweeted some inspirational words today that I definitely need to apply to my life: You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it. - Charles Buxton. With that thought in mind, I must practice what I preach! It kind of makes me chuckle when I type that because I always remember my parents saying "Do what I say not what I do." I always wondered why I'd hear my mom drop F-bombs watching Wheel of Fortune when she thought we weren't in earshot of hearing. Oh yes, Mom, I heard you! Maybe that's where my [at times] interesting vernacular comes from :)

Oh well, here's Brian White just in case you were wondering. Dreamy huh? 'Do you speaka da English Mexico?' LOL!! That's what he said to the guy from CSI on Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad By Myself. Loved him as Sly in Stomp the Yard also. Very well-rounded, eclectic gentleman. Two thumbs up!